Safety Auto-destory Syringe With Safety Cap

Product Features:

Simple and easy operation;

The special safety cap can avoid nurse’s hands being hurt;

It can match different sizes of hypodermic needles; 

Product No. Size Nozzle Gasket Package
SMDSS-01 1ml Luer slip Latex/Latex-free PE/blister 
SMDSS-03 3ml Luer lock  Latex/Latex-free PE/blister 
SMDSS-05 5ml Luer lock latex/Latex-free PE/blister 
SMDSS-10 10ml Luer lock Latex/Latex-free PE/blister 
SMDSS-20 20ml Luer lock  Latex/Latex-free PE/blister 

Hengxiang is one of the leading China Syringe manufacturers, our factory is able to produce CE certification safety auto-destory syringe with safety cap. Welcome to wholesale cheap and high-quality products from us.

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