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South China market is slightly better, prices remained stable

South China fuel oil market remained stable and warming effect on market demand, shipments of fuel oil refinery has improved overall fuel prices remained stable.

South China marine oil (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Haikou, as the base), made mixing 180CST library valued at 4590-4740 Yuan/ton, keeping levels on Friday. Difficult international oil prices higher, at $ 90/barrel vibration. According to parts of South China marine fuel oil businesses, said shipments over the weekend from the Spring Festival holiday draws near. Individual end customers in Guangzhou area appear the phenomenon of stock, learn 180CST fuel oil sold for around 4600 Yuan/ton, slightly nervous and resources currently underway with oil, to supply stock ahead of demand. Sent to the ship's price is about 4700-4750 Yuan/tons. Marine diesel oil, although weak demand in the current market, but not many resources, businesses say their current inventories at normal levels, except Haikou area about 7700/t outbound transactions. Due to continued heavy seas in Haikou, short term delivery delays.