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Import medical devices monitoring and status

In recent years, imports of medical devices at a faster and faster pace entering the medical field and the homes of ordinary people for its high-end, advanced and irreplaceability, self-healing assisted in becoming the public symbol of the medical standards and medical institutions. And is not compatible with this and related supervision fails to synchronize followed. Remove some of the external factors of influence, of which the most important reason for regulators to oversee the object to look up.

Supervision does not

Property, medical device regulatory, and imported medical device regulation among other things is not easy.

Medical devices involves many fields and disciplines, and belong to many categories of the subtle combination of technology and highly-integrated and almost covers the engineering, chemical, electronic, digital, traditional and modern technology in all disciplines. For this kind of high-end technology, professional and research institutions in the dust, not to mention the administrative supervision of the people. Therefore, its regulatory cowardice, it is normal that

At present, generally materialized from in the body's function, acts on the body, intended to define the way medical devices. Different forms, methods and goals determine the diversity of medical devices, from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, mitigation, compensation and anatomy to the study of biological processes, replacement and adjustment and control of pregnancy, almost medical use of all means and services of life and health. Use different functions and implementations vary, judging standards can vary widely, trying to peep classes have little possibility to see leopards, maintaining the status quo.