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Future rehabilitation equipment industry development prospect

In addition to these businesses, other rehabilitation equipment companies also have family in Shenzhen and Fujian Evergreen, but they all have a common characteristic of rehabilitation equipment is only part of the company's business, it is yet another indication that the country's recovery prospects. Guo Fanli, whether from the international market from the domestic market, and prospects for future development of rehabilitation equipment were gleaned from, that there are three main reasons:

First of all, people's living standards, as well as accelerated consumer emphasis on health promotion, which makes more and more people begin to use rehabilitation equipment. Secondly, population ageing has become a major social problem around the world, from a global perspective, 60 per cent of the elderly population has more than 600 million, China's elderly population over 60 years old has reached 160 million, in which elderly patients, about half of it in need of care and services. Third, there are all kinds of about 70 million people with disabilities in our country, China's total population of about 5%, and these two classes 10% per cent of the country's total population, we can see that there was a great need, and it is such a large demand for rehabilitation equipment has broad market prospect.