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Development of China's medical device industry enormous room

Medical devices belongs to the emerging high-tech industry, is in a period of rapid growth on a global basis. From a recent training session organized by the State food and drug administration learned that China's medical equipment industry development space is enormous, but the industry specialization, high levels of product quality and safety requirements and strict supervision.

According to relevant statistics, China's medical device industry overall size less than 300 billion yuan, nearly 70% per cent share of the market dominated by foreign brands, and in 2009 medical device production value reached US $ 370 billion. China medical device profession development space is enormous.

However, the created holding company Chairman Qian Fuqing said that Chinese medical device companies compete with international companies, also have their own advantages. He said that after years of cultivation, local enterprises have formed an extensive network, which is international companies can't do it for a short period. Second is the price advantage, compared with imported products, prices of domestic brands has advantages, the basic price of the foreign product is 1.5 to 3 times times the domestic price, but product quality difference is not significant. Third, the local Government's Medicare advantage, gradually expand the reimbursement ratio of domestic products, which is the biggest plus of domestic enterprises. "Domestic companies should seize this opportunity. "He said.

But Chinese medical device development is inseparable from the future of innovation in enterprises. Guo Fanli pointed out that Chinese medical device companies should in the future direction of the technological innovation and industrial upgrading, from low-end traditional manufacturing to high technology innovation, technology replacement product market advantages.