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A quarter of paracetamol shrinking export demand in its major markets

Paracetamol is the world's most important and commonly used antipyretic-analgesic drugs. In recent years, paracetamol production and consumption in China has developed rapidly, has become the paracetamol main producer and exporter. The first quarter of 2011, paracetamol export volume in China was 150.0954 million tons, an increase of 12.31%; export amount of us $ 56.8172 million, an increase of 8.3%.

First quarter of the year, paracetamol average export price is $ 3.79 per kg, down to 3.56%, continuing the downward trend in recent years. Affected by the debt crisis in Europe, the main competitors, domestic over-capacity and currency devaluation, rising costs and other factors, paracetamol export prices will remain low.

First quarter of the year, acetaminophen on major exports are on a declining trend, the EU exported 9.1525 million US dollars, down 12.69%; 1.8229 million dollars exports to North America, fell 11.77%; Latin America exported $ 2.3904 million, down 26.26%, export market downturn.

According to China's customs statistics show that the first quarter of 2012, paracetamol export enterprise in China amounted to 108. Among them, 36 State-owned enterprises, export amount of US $ 19.4524 million, 34.24%; 67 of private enterprises, export amount of US $ 27.0802 million, versus 47.66%; "three-capital" enterprises 5 export amount of us $ 10.2846 million, accounted for more than 18.1%. Exports amounted to 81.9% per cent of State-owned and private enterprises, has a commanding market share.