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Product Features: 

Operated by one hand. After predetermined medicine liquid injected, while the nurse pull off the plunger, the hypodermic needle can be retracted together with the plunger. 

It can avoid nurse’s hand being hurt;

It can be destroyed automatically after use;

It can match different kinds of hypodermic needle;

Product No. Size Nozzle Gasket Package
SMDSR-01 1ml Fixed needle  Latex/Latex-free PE/blister 
SMDSR-03 3ml Luer lock Latex/Latex-free PE/blister 
SMDSR-05 5ml Luer lock Latex/Latex-free PE/blister 
SMDSR-10 10ml Luer lock  Latex/Latex-free PE/blister 
SMDSR-20 20ml Luer lock  Latex/Latex-free PE/blister 

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